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Zoetrope Kangals:


I first came across the breed a number of years ago, by chance. A friend of mine showed me a You Tube video of what I now know was a Kangal.. 

My interest in the breed was triggered and after a couple of years and a lot of research I decided it was time to start looking for a puppy to join our home. This proved to be no easy task. 

I was fascinated with the temperament of a "livestock guardian" along with their inherent good health.  I have been involved with Dobermanns for 25 years but the Kangal really is something else. 

In the UK they were formerly known as Anatolian Shepherd dogs. it was requested that the breed were split to allow for the different  "types" which were forming. Please see "About the breed" for more information on this split and breed type and definition. 

Very early on with my breed investigations, I decided I wanted a Kangal and not an ASD (Anatolian Shepherd Dog) which is always shown, in the UK, anyway, as being a dog the same as Kangal. Indeed, it's not unusual for ASD breeders to use Kangal in their dog and puppy advertisements, how dare they !

This meant finding a breeder was even harder.

The purchase of a breed like this had to be researched and not jumped into, I started looking around the UK and into Europe but at that time I found no litters which I felt would be my foundation bitch. I was also directed to the UK Kangal Breed Club. My search then extended to Turkey. If you are reading this and have been trying to widen your knowledge you will surely know how difficult it is to get good, concise information. Yes, you will no doubt have found websites and watched countless videos, but to try and communicate with kennels in Turkey is very very difficult, to the point of giving up.


With the guidance of the UK Kangal Club and Sheila & Mike Reed, I was able to scratch the surface and open up some communications with Turkish breeders and shepherds who further educated me to what true Kangal type was. Forget the online videos of massive dogs and Google images showing great big 1 metre tall dogs, they are not Kangal !

I flew out to Turkey in June 2014 where myself and Mike had a guided tour by KIF (Turkish Kennel Club). Over 3 days we visited several owners and breeders around Turkey.. During the trip I got to see these dogs in their natural environment, doing what they have been bred to do for generations. During one kennel visit II was shown a male, Ayaz, The type of dog who gave me tingles and had the hairs on the back of neck stand up by his presence. At that point I was sold, I wanted a daughter of his.

Roll forward several months after that moment and I got Kayaz.

She is shown in the UK in breed classes when available and at many open shows in AVNSC where she has done exceedingly well.

Whilst my involvement in the Kangal is only just beginning, I am steadfast in promoting this wonderful breed.

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