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There is plenty of information about Kangals which show them killing wolves (their job) and being shown in extremely aggressive stances, but that really couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to owning one in a family home.

Yes, they are very powerful dogs but Kangals have lived alongside their human companions for thousands of years, living in the villages, roaming the streets and playing with children. This is a breed which needed to be safe with their families but fearless when confronted with danger to their flock. Because of this, the selective breeding for the right character has taken place over many many generations. If a dog showed any signs of non-threat aggression it would be dealt with extremely harshly. Whilst this may sound like an over-reaction to us dog lovers in the Western World, in their working and living environment it is a matter of life or death so only dogs with the correct temperament were ever bred from. The net result is the dogs we have today, steady & calm until they perceive a threat.

Likewise, you should NEVER train a Kangal to defend and bite like you see in all other guarding breeds.

Your Kangal decides for himself when something is not right.

It is for this reason that the Kangal is considered the World's best guard dog.

Bring a Kangal into your home and you'll have a wonderfully gentle family dog who sees its family as its "flock". Despite the fact they have been bred to live a solitary life outside they can live very well inside with you and certainly on the sofa if allowed! 

It's not unusual to find Kayaz has vanished only to find her outside sat, watching and especially at night which of course when the wolves come. For such a large breed, their stealth is something to behold, after all why draw attention to yourself ? ... a characteristic born over millennia.

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